(NB: if you want to run it as an application under DOS, get apl.zip and java runtime)

This applet allows you to practice APL in a simple way.

Functions available:

  • almost all APL primitives (to type them, enter its Symbol Name enclosed with {} and replacing blank with _
    4 5{rho}{iota}20
    0 1 1 0{up_caret_tilde}1 0 0 1
  • variables can be created and used
  • user functions can be defined (ex: {del}X FUNCTION Y )
  • User Workspace can be save and load (ex: )save titi )
  • Mouse Right click displays popup of available functions
  • to show samples run cases (ex: )runcases )



List of APL primitives and their meaning: APL_OP1 (30K) APL_OP2 (28K)